Sean’s WMC Backup

Windows 7 Media Center (32bit/64bit)
Windows 8 Media Center (32bit/64bit)

Stand-alone .exe, No installing!
Back-up/Restore your recording schedule
Back-up/Restore your channel lineup (experimental, may or may not work)
Query your list of recordings
GUI & CLI versions
Quick and easy

Advanced features –
Force Guide update
WMC Factory Reset
Adjust Live TV Pause Buffer
Adjust Skip Ahead Interval
Adjust Instant Replay Interval

If you are looking for a tool to modify your tuner/channel lineup, checkout 1geek1’s Guide Tool


  1. Hey Sean.

    Thanks for this app! A few questions.. Where is the restore function located? I’ve made the backup files, but don’t see an option to restore.

    Also, will this allow me to backup Windows 7 MC 32bit settings and restore to Windows 8 MC 64bit?

    • Hi Sean. The restore function will only show when the app does not detect any existing scheduling files. This is to prevent accidentally restoring more than once and then having a bunch of duplicates. If your recording schedule shows as blank inside media center, then the app is probably detecting leftover data. To clear this leftover data out, the app has an option to “Cleanup Tuner Remnants”. If you use that option, then immediately rerun the app, it should then show the option to restore. The app can also perform an MCE Factory reset, this would also cleanup the tuner remnants and provide the restore option (however this removes ALL MCE configuration information, starting from scratch). In regards to migrating the guide between win7 and win8, I haven’t actually tested this, but I believe people had commented previously that taking win8 data, and attempting restore in win7 did not work. I really need to get on the ball and start updating this app. BTW: That is badass hair.

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